I cannot express emphatically enough how impressed I am with Pam Grace's artistic abilities and creations.  I have worked with Pam for over ten years and as we work together on each and every job, I am always once again amazed at her creativity, skill and artistic transformations of my client's homes, surroundings and living areas.  This is a true testimony and I have nothing but praise for Pam's abilities.  She is a true artist. 

Linda Klueber, Interior Designer

Owner of Niwot Interiors    

The world of decorative plasters and painting has evolved with current design, and Pam is excited to offer the latest and best. Take a look!
Transforming an environment involves both visioning and details. Here are more about the specifics with Pam's scheduling, rates, policies and procedures.





Real World examples demonstrate Pam's skilled artistry and inspired design with both home and commercial environments. Contemporary, transitional and traditional spaces are shown.


get inspired, EXPRESS Your Passion, and realize

bigger dreams with a space that fuels your unique vision

A recent look through Pam's portfolio by a new client brought the following laughing response: "So clearly, you can do whatever I want!"

It is Pam's expertise with both cutting edge product innovations and aged-tested materials, uniquely combined with her artistry, and ability to interpret client desires that makes her work so desired. Whether listening to a clear vision, or skillfully interpreting hidden or yet to be defined needs, Pam's application and translation brings both true transformation and grateful clients.

Bold or subtle, changes in color, design, texture, perception of light, coolness or warmth, and feeling tone can be brought about through application of:

  • Specialty Plasters
  • Contemporary Painting and Glazing
  • Foils
  • Pattern
  • Embellishments


Unlike a vacation, another luxury item or a new consultant, re-visioning your (new) space helps you change from the inside out. Consciously creating your unique space unleashes blocked values, ideas and vision, bringing more benefits than you ever imagined. Pam Grace is a leading re-design expert in the United States working with high-level business people to utilize this powerful tool.

Looking for some design inspiration? Pam is passionate about the power of design to both reflect and encourage life transition. Read practical ideas to get started  including what to do if you are feeling stuck.​

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