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      Before- fireplace disappears against wall

We love working with you for many reasons not the least of which is that the finished product is always a work of art. The dining room is fabulous and I could spend hours in the powder room just admiring it. Our designer is coming over to see it this weekend as I have been raving about your work. Thank you so much!

Mary Lansing

After - gentle damask patterning, metallic plaster "panels"


                   Realize the Transformative Power of a Design Change in Your Space

Are you in a period of transition, feeling flat and uninspired, at a loss for what the

next step is? Do you remember a time when you were full of vision and sure of your

ability to make things happen? Do you want that feeling back?

Most of us have experienced a time in our lives when we needed to make a change,

but had let ourselves or our environment "go”. Is now one of these times? Perhaps we

feel enthusiastic in our work life, but curiously "ho-hum" walking into our homes. Or a

sense of dullness at our work environments yet rejuvenated at home. Maybe we feel the

need for re-invigoration and re-visioningon all fronts. Consider this powerful resource to

get your creativity flowing again and prepare you for the next phase of life, by giving your

home or work space an update or redesign.

Working with both my home and corporate clients, using changes in design, color and

decorative paint and plaster, repeatedly demonstrates the significant and tangible impact

of improving their physical environment to instigate further life change. Quite literally, 

feeling inspired in their space provided an extra spark to stimulate vision, clarity and

forward movement in many other areas.


My client Matt, couldn’t really articulate what changes needed to be made. He just

seemed to have lost his mojo in so many areas. Working with him using my Coloured

Paint Defining Process, we became clearer about what he wanted to experience more

of. Within the creative process of discovering what brought him joy, we manifested

changes in his personal space at home that both inspired him and reflected his person-

ality in a more defined way. Giving him more than he everimagined, he found himself

making significant positive changes in both his personal and work life.

One corporate client Terri, felt quite increasingly flat upon entering the office, though

still the area of business remained interesting in theory. Was it time to move on or

redefine the company vision? Normally full of strategic energy and creative direction,

she’d felt a curious lack of clarity for months. I suggested some design changes to better

reflect her original bold vision, implementing crisp clear color and sophisticated decorative

plastering behind the company logo. The better design of the company entryway created

quite literally a new focal point into a stronger sense of purpose and company expression.

It has been great to hear, as I so often do, that this change brought a sense of renewal,

and the company is thriving, as is Terri’s direction and sense of purpose.

If you are feeling a sense that you may be at a point of life change, consider answering

the following


Is there a feeling you hunger for?

Perhaps an oasis of calm or an inspiration toward bold vision and action?

Can you remember a time in your past when you felt especially inspired, creative or


What were your surroundings like?

Do you see or know what you want or like, but at this current stage of change feel less

clear or sure about how to incorporate these changes?Do you feel rejuvenated and

creative in your workplace, but not at home? Or vice versa?

Are there rooms that tend to gather clutter or you avoid going into?

(Please see entire "Clarifying Your Vision" Questionnaire under "Your Vision" link)

Now that you know the answers to these questions, consider this: What is the first change you

want to make in your environment to spark clarity, transformative power and revisioning

within you?