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Design Tips to Bring Your Space from

Boring to Great!       

Does your home feel as good as you want it to feel? Consider these

ideas to create a memorable and deeply personal space.

Gray can be boring unless it's done right. We've all seen the rooms

that are all gray, tasteful to a point of utter ho-humness. So what is

"right" with gray? Grays come to life with the addition of yellows,

greens, oranges, turquoise. It can be a little as in the accent of candles

and a small bit of pattern or flowers. Or more with upholstery, artwork,

wall color, yet these additional pops of color whether pale or brighter,

bring "just" gray to gorgeous.

Earth tones can be hip. Despite all the grey "going on", in Colorado,

we still love our earth tones, and many like or need to work with their

existing furniture or décor in brown tones. A look at any ad for Ralph

Lauren design shows how current and lovely earth tones still are. One

masterful stroke is the addition of lots of creams or whites to freshen the mix,

with accessories or with current patterns. Bring in fresh greens, through plants, silk or real, to bring the room alive.

Everything in one color, or one texture is a drag. Similar shades in a room can create a lovely sense of balance and cohesion, or be instantly forgotten if there is too much "sameness". Add different textures such as nubby fabrics with, smooth or polished surfaces, add the visual texture of contrast with patterns or accent colors, use neutrals or black to bring in some depth. "Unexpected" color brings energy and zest to a space and instantly livens things up.

 Styles--Mix it up! Don't be afraid to mix traditional furniture with modern upholstery, contemporary interiors with tribal or antique pieces, 18th century chairs with rugs from Garnet Hill. Bringing in elements that are surprising, beloved or have a sense of fun or personal history can create spaces that are delightful, intriguing and most importantly, meaningful.

 Animal prints rule. Look through any design magazine, or post and you will notice zebra rugs, cheetah or leopard pillows in many beautiful spaces, regardless of décor style. This demonstrates the mentions above of contrast, bringing in creams or black, and unless you have an African motif, the mixing of design and style periods.

Interested in exploring what wall color or custom decorative treatments can do to transform or enhance your home? Pam Grace is a cutting edge leader in the field of Specialty Plasters and Decorative Painting. With 16 years of experience in the field, her expertise and projects include exquisite homes throughout the Colorado Front Range, restaurants and corporate statement walls. Contact her at (720) 317-3799, www.colouredpaint.com.