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                                           Because Life is too short to have a Ho-hum Space!

When was the last time you felt excited about your home?  Felt                                                                                           

joy, happiness, that great feeling of satisfaction, of ahhhhhh.......      

Consider this, if you are feeling bored in your home, bored in your work,

even stuck in your dreams--- maybe it's not you, maybe it's your walls!

My client Eve mentioned that she had been staring into space, realizing

that she was stuck in her work and had been for sometime. Her gaze shifted

and she thought about how she also hadn’t been happy with her house for

some time, and she especially disliked some of her walls and rooms.

That’s when she called me,  got some enthusiasm flowing with new wall

treatments that inspired her, and had some great carry over into other areas

of her life.

As a decorative painter and plasterer, I repeatedly see the profound joy that

comes from living or working in a beautiful and well-loved space. So if you’re

thinking it is time for a change, consider these ideas:

COLOR - Can you imagine trying something completely new with color on

your walls? While bold can be beautiful, sometimes the color change can be more subtle, but just not the safe, matchy-matchy backdrop that very quickly becomes ho-hum. Locally, talk to a designer or take some of your existing fabrics into Guiry’s or Sherwin Williams and say, “I want something new and fresh, what would you do?”

TEXTURE - What about an interesting texture on your walls?  Much like velvet has a different look than say, plastic wrap, a sense of the tactile on walls can instantly enliven a space and can encourage a rich, quiet elegance or something much more dramatic. So many new plasters and even materials added to paint can create a totally new embrace. Adding subtle or bold pattern on your walls can also create the illusion of interesting texture. 

CONSIDER THE NEW FAUX – Yes! Faux (“fake”) painting described a type of look that has become quite dated. Today’s new decorative paint and plaster options are fresh, gorgeous and fun, even bringing gasps of delight to many who “just didn’t know”. From zen to industrial looks of gritty-type finishes, smooth and sophisticated shimmery plasters, the polish of glass beads over paint—it really is a new world for custom finishes. 

MIX IT UP! If you look through design magazines, you’ll see that some of the most intriguing rooms have an element of the “unexpected” like a fancy chandelier in a rustic space, a contemporary or tribal piece with traditional décor. Maybe you have an eclectic yet loved piece of furniture or artwork that you can’t figure out how to bring into your space without looking weird or odd. One way is to link décor together through similar color, or by similar patterns. Repeat the element in at least one area of the room, 3 is even better, and the eye flows. Walls provide another excellent opportunity to provide cohesiveness or to bring in the element of “a happy surprise”.

LET IT RIP – Some people like the tactileness of design magazines and ripping pages out, others like online versions or pinterest, but either way, gather multiple images together. You will probably notice that while you appreciate many different looks, there is an overall similarity emerging in colors, patterns or styles that excite you. You may even notice that you basically like what you’ve got, but it just needs some freshening up. Notice what is being shown on the walls with the pictures you like, since as they are the biggest surface area in the room, they have an enormous capacity for changing the overall experience of a space.

Eve found that changing her walls really could change her life. I do hope these ideas will spark and encourage practical changes to your environment, helping you to feel inspired, express your passion and to realize even bigger dreams!

 Interested in exploring what wall color or custom decorative treatments can do to transform or enhance your home? Pam Grace is a cutting edge leader in the field of Specialty Plasters and Decorative Painting. With 16 years of experience in the field, her expertise and projects include exquisite homes throughout the Colorado Front Range, restaurants and corporate statement walls. Contact her at (720) 317-3799, www.colouredpaint.com.