p.o. Box 45, Lafayette, CO 80026

                          Venetian Plaster Accent Wall                                                      Disappearing Heat Registers                                                          Cracked Gritty Plaster

                Exterior Foil Door, WILD Pacific, Boulder                             Gold and Bronze Foil, Vail Powder room                                  12-16 ft Tapestry Foil "Ribbons" and

  See amazing before and after under "Design Power" link                                                                                                                               Ceiling Medallion, Boulder


       Portfolio of Coloured Paint Artistry

          "Cement" block, 1/2 real, 1/2 faux                                                    Bar at COLTERRA, Niwot                                              Contemporary Wall Design in lobby of

                         Denver loft                                                                                                                                                                              PELOTON, Boulder

Layered Shimmery Plaster with Embellishments                                Contemporary Baby Room                                                 Chalky Lime "Marmarino" Plaster, Vail

                     Patterned Foil, WILD Pacific, Boulder                                     Glass Beads, WILD Pacific, Boulder                                Metallic Venetian Plaster at SALT, Boulder