About Pam:  

Pam is passionate about helping people access the power of perhaps not-yet realized hopes

and dreams. She helps you transform your home and work environments to more accurately

reflect and support the visions within. Pam believes that changing your space can literally

change your life.

Pam has been performing these powerful and joyful transformations for over 15 years.

Staying up-to-the-minute current with both new developments and age-tested materials and

techniques, her extensive education has served well in areas of metallic and specialty

plasters, contemporary and old-world glazing, foils, decorative paint and patterning on walls

and furniture. Pam's artistry has been thoroughly field tested, and given accolades by her

many clients and interior designer partnerships.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Petroglyph designs imbedded into Venetian Plaster 

Pam's work has been widely displayed in multiple Show Home events, including 9 rooms in the

Colorado Parade Of Homes, a Junior Symphony Guild Show Home, in many homes, hotels, lobbies

and multiple restaurants along the Front Range, in the Vail Valley and even Marrakech, Morocco.                                 

Consultations, Proposals, Samples and Onsite Policies:

It is Pam's pleasure to schedule an initial complimentary phone consultations to discuss the desires of the client for the space, initial design suggestions, colors and ideas, and recommendations on products and techniques particularly appropriate. If the scope and desires for the project seem to be a good match, a further appointment will be scheduled at a cost of $125.00. At this point we will get more specific to your space, and gather information to provide a detailed proposal. Upon receipt of a 50% deposit, the project will be scheduled and samples created.

Pam has a project minimum of $2,500.

When calling or emailing Pam to schedule your initial consultation, please be ready to answer the following questions:         

    •    What is the type of room (bathroom, kitchen, studio)?
    •    How are the walls currently finished?
    •    What is your timeline? When do you want the project finished?
    •    Are there any other contractors or service professionals to schedule around?
    •    What is your budget for the project?

    •    What is your sense or plan of what you want this project to accomplish? Taking a look at the Coloured Paint Vision Defining Process questions will be of assistance in this area (Under "Your Vision" tab).

Proposals and Samples
After the initial consultation, Pam will prepare a detailed bid and proposal. Once the client has reviewed the proposal and decided to go ahead with the project, the client will need to fax a signed contract to Pam in order to schedule the job and have Pam design sample boards. A 50% deposit will be due when Pam delivers the sample boards. Should the project not go through for any reason after sample board development and delivery, client will pay for the samples, a figure to be included in the initial bid, dependent upon the scope of the board complexity and product expense.

Sample Boards are typically 18" x 24" or 24"x 24" finished examples of the proposed finish, showing proposed colors, texture and design effect. The initial bid includes 2-3 boards. In the rare instance that none of the boards achieve your design requirements, another round of

boards can be developed at an additional charge.

Sample boards are a great clarifying tool to help visualize, and to verify that client lighting

conditions will work well with what has been discussed.

Changes in Job Scope              

Occasionally, once work on a project has begun, clients may have added needs or additions that will

change the scope of the project. While Pam welcomes creative additions, no additional work will be

undertaken until a new bid is presented and a new contract is signed. Please note, because of the

nature of these projects, clients can save a considerable amount of money, and speed the completion

of their jobs by reducing changes and additions, and considering as much as possible, the full scope

of the project before work has begun.

 Onsite Policies:  

  • Pam paints onsite Monday-Thursday. On Fridays, she may be reached by phone or email.
  • Before work is begun, clients must clear a 4 foot space around each area to be worked on.
  • Materials and Ladders will be left onsite for the duration of the project. Typically this is in the
  • area being worked on. If clients have a need for other arrangements, they need to let Pam know.  
  • If other contractors (carpet, electrical, construction, etc.) are in the space during the working time, this may considerably lengthen the time for completion and effect the price. Before the initial contract is signed, clients should inform Pam of anyone else who will be working in

          the space during the scheduled project time.

Project Costs, Project Factors and Minimum
Costs on decorative plasters and finishes can vary widely, depending upon the size of the room, the number and complexity of layers involved, and additional factors such as custom tinting, wall texture and/or spacing in the work area. After the initial consultation Pam will provide a detailed bid based on the clients' unique needs. Work will begin after the bid is approved and a contract signed. There is a project minimum of $2,500, reflecting the custom nature of the work, and the fact that much of her work is designed and performed before reaching your home or workplace.



                  Shimmery Metallic Plastering of walls with coordinating

                  basecoat underneath and then 2-3 layers of plaster,

                  burnished to bring out the shimmer  $2,150


    (left) Custom color Polished Venetian Plaster , multiple layers with Background   

Color "Bleed through"                                                                                    






                                             (right) This example is a 10 x 20 ft wall

                                             base-painted, stenciled, banding created with metallic





(left) Skip-troweled plaster, primed, painted and glaze, 500 sq ft                               



Custom tinting and other factors can effect this pricing, but hopefully the above pricing shows that many alternatives, both decorative and pricing, can exist to work within any specific desires. 

Working with Pam

Pam is a very talented artist. As an interior designer, I am only good as my resources. Pam is my best resource for faux painting. We have collaborated on several memorable projects including: creating massive foil tapestries for a grand staircase; resurfacing; an"70's" brick fireplace with a plaster and foil technique that gave my client a one-of-kind installation. Our current project has Pam faux painting doors to match wood paneling.

I highly recommend Pam for any project where creativity and intuitiveness are necessary.

Chris Ortega
Interior Designer
Cicada 3D Interior Design

p.o. Box 45, Lafayette, CO 80026