p.o. Box 45, Lafayette, CO 80026


Thank you.  You transformed our home. Actually, both of our homes.

Your work is so much more than just color. It's color and texture and depth and brilliance. That said, your ability with color is remarkable. You started with a few color chips and my vague description of the feeling I wanted to create.

Then you made magic.

You're both a professional (you deliver what you promise, on time and on budget) and an artist (with an amazing eye and extraordinary technique!).

Thank you Pam.


       Multi-Layer Shimmery Plaster,
                Parade of Homes

                     Acrylic Waxes                                           Wall Embellishments, glazing, venetian plaster                           Metallic Plaster, glazed wall

                                                                                                               ceiling and pattern

Coloured Paint

Vision Clarifying Questionnaire                                  

Our homes and work spaces have the capacity to enhance and reflect our deepest sense of self.

If you are facing major life transition, and want to create an environment that supports that change,

take a look at the following questions. Answering these questions can develop your understanding

of what areas might be targeted. If you are feeling stuck, you still probably have inner knowledge

of the feelings that you seek. Reflecting them in your physical space can help further define

direction and support further life change.

  • Where in your life are you seeking change?

  • Do you feel rejuvenated and creative in your workplace, but not at home? Or vice versa?  Do

            have any spaces in your home or business that feel flat or dead, you might even avoid them?

  • Is there a feeling you hunger for? What would you like to be feeling more of - perhaps an                                                                       oasis of calm or an inspiration toward bold vision and action?                                                                                                                  

  • Do you see or know what you want or like, but at this current stage of change feel unsure about how to incorporate these changes?

  • We all develop emotional associations with places that affect how we later respond to our

          surroundings. Are there places you have lived or visited that brought a palpable feeling of

          being home, inspired, or being with your tribe, your people?

  • Do you remember a time in your past when you felt especially inspired, creative or alive?

          What was happening? What were your surroundings like?                                                                       

  • Imagine all limitations are off, and what you seek is right here now. What is happening,

          what does it feel like? What have you always wanted to experience?

  • What have you always wanted for this space?

  • When you seek rejuvenation what do you do? When you seek clarity what do you do?

  •  Are there rooms that tend to gather clutter or you avoid going into?

  • Special objects from our past are symbolic threads that bind us to our former selves and

          maintain continuity through the present and into the projected future. Though often simple,

          such as a concert poster, torn certificate or treasured photo, these can be a source of

          deeper identity and inspiration and can help us in periods of transition. What are your special objects?

  • What would having a having a profound sense of well being mean to you? What would this help you do or be?